It’s 1864 and our dainty, daisy strewn design has just been created. Igniting the interest of tastemakers and London’s elite, this was the first William Morris wallpaper to ever be sold. Originally inspired by the jewel-colours of a c.1470 French wall hanging, delicate sprigs have been translated with grace and ease into this charmingly simple wallpaper.

Medieval manuscripts and early printed herbals provided William Morris with a rich iconography of carefully drawn flowers to inform and inspire his patterns for textiles and wallpapers. Originally printed using traditional methods including a combination of eleven hand-carved blocks, each speckle and dash was carefully placed by the block-maker to create an unbroken field of daisy flowerheads and curled-petal columbines. ​

The hanging, which was featured in the famous Chronicles by the famed poet and historian, Jean Froissart, was the starting point for a beautiful daisy embroidered curtain made by wife of William Morris, Jane.  Translated into a wallpaper shortly after, it was the first wallpaper to be sold by Morris, Marshall Faulkner & Co.

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