Pink and green – When Colours Collide

The Ultimate Maximalist Power Players

There are some pairings in this world that combine with a rebellious synergy; Dolce and Gabbana, tequila and salt, Bonnie and Clyde (for Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s sartorial charm), Harry Styles and his silk pyjamas (you know you’ve watched it), and these iconic duos all have one thing in common, their visual compatibility, and powerful colour combos are no exception.

Pink and green - fit for a Queen they say (Her Majesty will be delighted), but where we’re concerned, the Royal in question looks more like Lizzie Vuitton as depicted by artist Endless, than the traditional HRH. Maximalism with a side of tongue-in-cheek.

The alluring combination of pink and green makes for a spellbinding touch in interiors, and its connection to fashion is firmly established as well. From Millennial Pink to Zoomer Green, these power players have their place representing generational dress codes and now, it has never been more compelling to combine the two in other ways.

The perfect blend of neon brights with a palette that brings you closer to nature at the same time, these two fierce forces collide, from Lime zest and rose blush, to pink fizz and goblin green, green and pink come together on a scale that ups the ante of each shade, revealing new expressions and tones when sat together in a scheme.


Watermelon sugar high

Slice open a watermelon for a heady mix of deepest striped green and coral or take a look at Maison Valentino’s parade of hot magenta on the catwalk, then imagine it in the majesty of a walled garden, next to trailing vines and luscious foliage. You get the gist. Pink and green are the perfect pairing, marrying the drama of the synthetic with the intoxication of mother nature, each shade with the capability to go neon at the drop of maximalist hat.


Naked ambition

Forbidden Fruit in Kingfisher and Loganberry has to be the ultimate statement in combining heady shades of red and pink, a feast of rouge that does nothing to save your blushes, with Kingfisher, a daringly deep shade of teal green to intensify any interior scheme. These berry bursts on wallpaper or fabric give life to the original Nana print by Pat Etheridge and celebrate the deeply delicious tones of pink and green in harmony, with the soft peach of those naked ladies offering, would you believe, a reprieve from the intoxication of it all.


Miami nights on the strip(e)

For instances when pink and green really comes alive in vibrant delight, Strawberry Thief Beetle Mania in Miami Sunset is THE coveted bedding to set your pulse racing in popping, bubblegum pink tones, partnered with the curious beasties that collide with Morris’s iconic thrush, for a maximalist mix up of entomology and ornithology (the bugs and birds to you and I). The intense apple greenery of the reverse side in a signature stripe only serves to highlight the chaotic pattern further. This is the power of pink and green coming to life in the bedroom.


Neon dreams

For devil-may-care design prowess, Elixir of Life is the mythical drama we all need to spice up interiors. In a print that combines grace and divinity with power and purpose, unicorns dance in a hand-drawn battle, Neon green tussles with blue against a Nightfall backdrop. It is the ultimate statement, moody to the core, and proof that green pops on enigmatic walls. The Sherbet colourway is lighter, brighter and more effervescent with the pinks and oranges standing proud off an off-white ground. It is youthful, fresh and charming with its mythical edge.


Fall in line together

Feeling the power of the pink and green palette but in need of some order to the natural chaos of maximalism? There are solutions to that, which still give the boldest finish. May we suggest a pairing of Mildmay in Goblin Green, with Signature Stripe on the vertical in Flamenco? Cherry and blamanche hues combine with the enigmatic symmetry of ogee-shaped flowerheads in grass green and apple. For another layer of all things decadent, Tulip & Bird in Amaranth & Blush draws on a metallic edge and a distinctly Art Deco vibe to draw the best out of its pink hues. Fabulous on the walls or in fabric.


Back to nature

For the most naturalistic take on this colour combination, Hyacinth is your girl. Tradition meets rebellious rock and roll shades and a distinct hit of flower power that combines these colours with aplomb. Where Enchanted Green pops on the night sky ground, Cosmo Pink brings the lighter side of life to the fore. Each as fun and daring as the other.


Where pink and green are concerned, there are no limits to this devilishly delightful pairing.



posted on 10 Jun 2022 in Interiors

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