How to hang curtains: Everything you need to know

Our luxurious curtains are a celebration of authentic design, adorned with free spirited motifs and a liberal attitude. Unquestionably finishing a room with their timeless style, elevating interiors of all ages. With your favourite Archive by Sanderson Design chosen, take a look at our curtain hanging guide below. All of our curtains come with pinch pleat headings, so they’ll look irresistibly neat from day one. 


Hanging your curtains 


Unbox your curtains 

Once your curtains arrive, take them out of the box and lay flat.   



Keep your curtains on a flat surface

Our curtains arrive ready pleated, so all you need to do is decide where to position the hooks. Just count the number of pleats in the curtain and make sure you have a curtain ring and curtain hook for each pleat. 



Insert the hooks

Attach a curtain hook into each pleat, until the entire length of the curtain has hooks in place. It’s important to make sure all the hooks are evenly spaced out, so take time to complete this first step accurately.



Now hang your curtains

Holding the curtain in position, carefully thread the curtain hooks through the curtain rings. The quality of our fabrics can sometimes feel a little heavy, so recruit a friend to take the weight of the curtain, whilst you thread the hooks through the curtain rings. It’s best to start in the middle of your window and work towards the outside.

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Discover the Archive by Sanderson Design made to measure curtains page. Browse through our stunning range of iconic and reimagined fabrics, then when you’ve found the perfect pattern, order a sample or two, just to make sure the colours and textures are exactly what you are looking for. Our samples are charged at 90p each. 

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team who will gladly help.

posted on 01 Sep 2021 by Archive By Sanderson Design

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