How to install window blinds: Everything you need to know

Our archive of time defying pattern and abundant colour means fabrics can be chosen not just by how they look, but by the feeling they’ll bring to your interior. Blinds definitely don’t need to be boring, so take this opportunity to liven up living spaces and add detail to bedrooms. 

Installing a blind isn’t as tricky as you might think - all that’s needed is the right tools and fixings. It’s important to know whether your blind will be fitted to brick, tiles, plasterboard or stone, as you will need the appropriate drill bits and plugs.  



When your order arrives, the brackets attached to your blind need to be removed before fitting. It’s a good idea to remember how they are attached (this is needed in step four), so make a note or take a photo.  



Mark the brackets’ location

Work out where the brackets will sit on the wall, window frame or ceiling. Once you have done this, use a pencil to mark the exact spot the brackets will be positioned. Remember to check for any potential obstructions such as window handles. 



Attach the brackets

With the arm levers open and appropriate fixtures to hand, drill holes and screw the brackets into position.



Attach the blind

Lift the blind into position on the brackets and clip into place. Close the lever arms to secure the blind. Raise and lower as required by gently pulling the front or back of the chain. 

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Our blinds comply to the European child safety legislation (EN13120), with either no accessible cords or including child safety devices which must be fitted as per the manufacturer's instructions. 

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