Behind the scenes with Nick and Mesh 

A collaboration with Nick Grimshaw was on our wish list from the very beginning.  Even when Archive was just a glint in our eye, working with someone whose style epitomises our creative collections was always top of the agenda. Embracing British eccentricity, celebrating the legacy of our archive whilst at the same time adding a touch of modernity, the spearhead collaboration needed to be with someone unafraid to experiment - making Nick and Mesh our obvious choice.  

We recently had the pleasure of dropping in on Nick and his partner Mesh Henry’s London home as they were preparing for our photoshoot. With its renovation journey in full swing, the high ceilings and period features in this impressive property proved to be the perfect canvas for the myriad of iconic prints that Archive by Sanderson Design has to offer.  

Archive’s vast library of daring designs was edited down to select the perfect prints for both the master and guest bedrooms. The focus of the project fell on the idea of layering; not just the layering of textures – think plush velvets and crisp linens - but the layering of past and present where Archive’s bold new colourways are juxtaposed with classic heritage prints. Nick and Mesh spent hours scouring the internet for the best vintage finds to accompany their curtains and soft furnishings, to give the project a lived in yet luxurious feel that’s a carefully considered blend of old and new. 

The sage and warm amber tones of Fruit, which Nick chose in the Twilight colourway, became the starting point for the master bedroom. This inspired the shades for the rest of the room, from the playful Pooky table lamps and warm neutral shade of the walls to the charcoal tiles that clad the en-suite. Mesh wanted the space to feel like a bar, so they could spend more time there and even enjoy a cocktail. The aim was to create an eclectic space that felt curated yet comfortable. Even the dogs’ bed got a makeover! 

In the guest bedroom, our makeover started with an iron, kindly gifted by Nick’s mum, which was our weapon for wrinkle free sheets and perfect pleats. As the first to stay in the room, Nick and Mesh were keen to impress her; the space needed to be elegant and inviting. Statement curtains in Mildmay were an obvious choice, not only because of the stunning print, but in a serendipitous twist because this particular print shares the same name as one of their favourite pubs. They even incorporated a pelmet, in order to bring an element of the traditional into a modern space. Against the backdrop of the bold Mildmay curtains, everything else was kept fairly neutral bar a bright colour-block cushion to add playfulness. The end result? A space that struck the perfect balance between cosy and stylish. 

Two beautiful rooms, one fabulous photo shoot and an insightful video later, we’re so pleased with the result. 

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posted on 29 Oct 2021

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