Power to the Flower


The symbol of 60s enlightenment, Gucci’s go-to print, that seasonal ‘vibe in a vase’. Florals have been a signature in culture, style, and society for eons, bursting in and out of bloom and enlivening senses through sight and smell. Their evocative power a mesmerising kaleidoscope of colour, texture, and drama. And you know how we love the drama.

Now, the traditional take on dainty flowers has been deconstructed and reimagined, as we emerge triumphant from deep within the archive with a bouquet of design riches, once lauded in the past and now waiting to be devoured by you in your interiors of the (near) future.

From fresh fruity concoctions to swirling, heady vines that creep and climb across your wall, imagine garden scenes but in vibrant, almost acidic tones that spice up the flower beds and move, boldly, from the classic greens and pinks, to indulge in blues and peaches, mixed on otherworldly backdrops of magenta, inky skies, and bitter chocolate grounds.

Unlocking the Secret Garden and stepping beyond the borders, botanically inspired interiors play with the most sensual and commanding colour and pattern combinations. Challenging the norm in interiors has never been so freeing, connecting nature with sumptuous, luxurious textures of fabric and wallpaper. Now is time to embrace the outdoors but in a chic indoor fashion, of course.

This time, florals are not for the faint-hearted. Gone are the days for delicate blooms, as we step into a bolder, more vivacious telling of the botanical narrative. Hyacinth, enchanting and as if from a storybook fable, brings a breathtaking blend of symmetry, infused with a frenetic energy that brings life to interiors. A rock and roll riot of colour, in Enchanted Green the leaves, vines, and flowers pop off the paper in a 70s style display of confidence, whereas the Cosmo Pink colourway harnesses that power play of green and pink, almost evoking the scent of Hyacinth through the colour combination.

For impactful blooms that stop us in our tracks, St Sabastian is the explosive Art Nouveau moment you’ve all been waiting for. Blue and tangerine collide in a fiery display of modern, mesmerising prints. Enlarged flowerheads say ‘look at me, hear me roar’ bringing the personality from your walls very much into the room. Wallflowers need not apply.

For di-vine (see what we did there) dramatic furling leaves and tendrils, Golden Lily is your gal. Swirling, rhythmic, and daring, Golden Lily is the original work and wonder of William Morris’s protégé, John Henry Dearle, which has been brought back to the fore with a renewed depth of colour and boldness of design. Serotonin Pink is an acidic and heady trip, alluring and truly statement-making, it has an attitude that makes you stop and stare, particularly in velvet. For a slightly more muted, earthy take on Lily, the Espresso colourway is utterly beguiling, lifted from the past daringly into the present.

Wake up and smell the… daisies. The phrase may have been manipulated but the visual aroma of Daisy in fresh Strawberry Fields or moody Midnight is as powerful as ever. For design explorers looking for a more subtle introduction to florals, Daisy indulges in the power of repeat pattern over a strong background. Graceful yet retro, it is a head-turner.

A fruit salad of style awaits as part of your botanical journey and Fruit is an iconic motif from the mind of Morris waiting to be picked. Tangled Green makes a blend of English country and Mediterranean vineyards appear in dynamic wonder and the fabric iteration in Paradise Blue is just as captivating yet more sublimely subtle.

For a return to tradition but with a bold, explorative take on heritage, Strawberry Thief revisited is that delightful blend of flora and fauna, equaling fearless design narratives every time.

Out of the botanist’s lab and into the real world, we have unleashed the power of the flower in a bold exploration of style with floral substance.



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posted on 15 Apr 2022 in Interiors

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